By default jupyter notebooks come with a standard light theme. After using notebooks for a while it is bound to happen that we would want a better theme with crisp fonts. Especially, when you’re coding in it for a long time. Good news is we an have awesome open source library to install themes. You can find it here github repo

Installation with conda:

    conda install -c conda-forge jupyterthemes
    conda install -c conda-forge/label/gcc7 jupyterthemes
    conda install -c conda-forge/label/cf201901 jupyterthemes 

Once installed, we can choose theme and configure notebook with a multitude of command line options. My go to theme configuration:

    jt -t grade3 -f roboto -fs 115 -tf merriserif -tfs 11 -nf ptsans -nfs 12 -cellw 75% -lineh 170

We can also set plotting style using jtplot from the library. Following are some of the examples

    # import jtplot module in notebook
    from jupyterthemes import jtplot'onedork', context='talk', fscale=1.4, spines=False, gridlines='--')

    # reset default matplotlib rcParams

This is how grade3 theme looks like:

grade3 theme

In case if we want to reset to the default notebook theme, run the following command and refresh notebook:

    jt -r