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Introduction to Apache Spark

I am taking this course Introduction to Apache Spark by UC Berkeley on edx. It’s part 1 of the 5 series course and started on 15th June.

A few months back I attend a workshop on Spark hosted by IBM. The workshop was fine but I think it could have been better. Anyway, after that day I started reading on Apache Spark and was eagerly waiting on for the course. The course is taught and developed by none other than the team who developed it.

I am on week-2 at the moment and I think the content of the course is fabulous. The course has 3 modules for each week but I think there’s a lot to learn. To really understand you need to go to the extra mile and read papers, practice basic notebooks and learn about MapReduce and SparkSQL. The video content is precise and every second of the video earned its place.

From what I have observed I can totally say that the future courses are going to be a lot of work but will be worth the time. I would totally recommend the course to anybody who is interested in big data and analytics.

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