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Java 8 Tutorial

It’s 2020 folks and do you know when Java 8 was introduced? It was introduced in 2014. I still see a lot of developers struggling with Java 8 everyday. That’s why I wrote a series of blog posts to help developers who want to understand Java 8 or, transitioning from Java 7 to Java 8 or, just want to refresh the concepts. I’d suggest you to read each posts in order:

  1. Lambda expression in Java 8: One of the coolest new features in Java 8. You can do so much in so little. Moreover, it gives way to functional programming paradigm. The code shared in the post compiles perfectly. Just copy paste in your editor and you are good to go.

  2. Asynchronous Programming in Java 8: If you are working in the reactive programming paradigm then understanding CompletionStage and CompletableFuture API is imperative. In this post we look into CompletableFuture API and how to use it. You can skip this if you don’t need to process data asynchronously.

  3. Method References in Java 8: Method references helps us writing clean code. The concept is pretty simple but it’s a bit trickier to understand when to use it. It’s a very cool feature and is going to help you save lots of time when writing code. Moreover, your code will look crisp and easier to read and maintain.

  4. Aggregate Operations in Java 8: Aggregate operations are pretty cool. I first used these in Python and doing it in Java 8 was pretty intuitive for me. If you’re working on big data space then you HAVE to learn it. Even if you’re not you should definitely learn and incorporate into your development.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.