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Passed Professional Certification on Apache Cassandra

I’ve been working with Apache Cassandra for almost more than a year. And recently I felt that it’s time that I step up and get certified. So I took Datastax’s Professional Certification on Apache Cassandra and cleared it. Questions were theoretical, meaning it won’t ask you to calculate things like “partition size” and etc. Datastax recommends two courses for this certification but I don’t think that would suffice. It’s better to go through the documentation as well. Datastax provides a very good in-depth documentation and anyway reading documentation will help you to understand better. The only let down was most of the questions were on the foundations of Cassandra when compared to data modeling. Cassandra’s data modeling is totally different from the traditional SQL data modeling and I believe it deserves to have more questions in the exam.

Here’s how I prepared for the exam and I hope it helps others as well:

  1. Complete the Course DS201: DataStax Enterprise Foundations of Apache Cassandra™. This course teaches you the concepts like distributed architecture, duplication, consistency and internal architecture. Make sure to give enough time and understand the concepts. DS210 complements this course and if you’ve enough time I’d suggest you to take that course as well.
  2. Complete the Course DS220: Data Modeling. This is a very fun course. Not many questions were asked from this course but concepts like Chebotko diagrams and calculating partition size are of utmost importance. This course will help you to become a better Cassandra developer.
  3. Read Database Internals
  4. Read Database Architecture

Either you’re a seasoned developer or just starting out, do take the courses from Datastax. It is of top notch material and the instructors are awesome. Have a great time learning Cassandra! Later.

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