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Playing Borderlands 2

Playing Borderlands 2 is another round of pleasure. Another round? huh Yeah the first one was ‘playing Borderlands’ ;) oh yeah!

I was pretty much done with Forza and Assassins Creed games and, was looking for a different genre of game. Moreover, I wanted to try a backward compatibility game so I skimmed through my collection and the best bet was Borderlands. I think at that time there wasn’t much of a choice in backward compatible games and ‘lack of options’ was one of the main reasons I started playing Borderlands. Anyway, I have never been a fan of first person shooting games and was reluctant on starting it.

Oh boy! the game amazed me in every aspect. Personally I think it’s one of the coolest games out there. The variety of guns, the challenges and the puns used are probably the best features of the game.

I’m doubtful if Borderlands 2 gonna be better than Borderlands but I have just put in like 18 hours. So, I’m unsure how good it’s gonna turn up. As of now, Borderlands 2 is tougher but it’s more rewarding and fulfilling.

I wish Microsoft had added Borderlands 2 in backward compatibility games as well but, they are doing a wonderful job of bringing xbox 360 games on xbox one. I want to play forza horizon on xbox one, hell yeah!

P.S. If you need to refer the challenge list, the link is Borderlands 2 Challenge List I always refer it. Man, I want to be the greatest BADASS out there hahaha. OK gotta go, need to kill some Pyro Nomad and Bullymongers.

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