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Playing The Crew

This month’s free game on Xbox One was “The Crew”. As a huge fan of racing games I thought of giving it a shot. I guess I have played it for like an hour and I was terribly disappointed. Most of the racing games do not have a great plot, probably it’s not really needed but I think this one has a good story. At least somewhat different story than nfs or forza games. I was actually looking forward to play it more but the UI was pretty complex and horrible to use.

First of all, the screens are loaded with information. For example, after a mission is complete statistics are shown. From a gamer point of view it’s very important as it gives a feedback on how you did, where you missed points etc. Now, in this case the screen has so many information that it’s just mind boggling to read it after every single mission. It would take me like 3 minutes to read and by that time my enthusiasm for the game diminishes. Moreover, dashboards, repair garages, maps all are not at all gamer friendly. It just requires a lot of time to understand these things and are not at all intuitive. After giving the game a chance I felt I have done the right job of trying it out but definitely not going to pick it up again. Honestly, I really wished it was better.

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