• Types of Machine Learning

    There are many ways we can classify types of machine learning. In this blog post we will classify based on whether or not they are trained with human supervision.

  • Install TensorFlow on Windows

    If you're on Windows machine and want to install tensorflow, just follow the steps mentioned in this blog post. Look no further!

  • ML Pipeline to Predict Release Year of a Song

    Created an ML pipeline to traing a linear regression model to predict the release year of a song.

  • Word Count Application using Apache Spark

    Demonstrating classic MapReduce example using Python and Apache Spark.

  • US Presidential Election 2012 Forecasting

    Used machine learning models to predict US Presidential Election 2012 race. Added visualizations to demonstrate the analysis.

  • Training Logistic Regression in SparkR

    Running machine learning models using SparkR in local machine. I'm glad SparR was introduced as it really helps us R programmers to execute machine learning models using our preferred choice of language.

  • Introduction to SparkR with RStudio

    After doing some research I was able to get SparkR running on RStudio. I've written steps on how to achieve it in your local machine.

  • Building a Spam Filter

    Created a simple spam filter using machine learning models.

  • Moneyball Predictions

    Implemented and executed machine learning models to validate Moneyball predictions by Paul dePodesta.