Revving Up the Engines of Racing Games: Review of The Crew

So, Xbox One's free game of the month was "The Crew". Being a racing game enthusiast, I thought I'd give it a shot. But, boy oh boy, was I disappointed after playing it for just an hour!

Most racing games don't really have a great plot, but this one had a good story - or so I thought. At least it was somewhat different from the usual Need For Speed or Forza games. I was excited to play more, but the UI (user interface) was a hot mess.

First of all, the screens were loaded with information. I mean, sure, after completing a mission, it's important to see your stats and get feedback on your performance. But in this game, the screen was so cluttered with info that it was mind-boggling to read it all after every single mission. It took me like 3 minutes to read everything, and by then my enthusiasm for the game had dwindled. Plus, the dashboards, repair garages, maps... all of it was just not gamer-friendly. It required a lot of time and effort to understand these things, and they were not at all intuitive.

After giving the game a chance, I felt like I had made the right decision by trying it out. But there's no way I'm picking it up again. Honestly, I really wished it was better. Maybe next time, Xbox.