Mastering Scala Basics: Collections

Scala collections systematically distinguish between mutable (scala.collection.mutable) and immutable (scala.collection.immutable) collections. A mutable collection can be updated or extended in place. This means you can change, add, or remove elements of a collection as a side effect. Immutable collections, by contrast, never change. You have still operations that simulate additions, removals, or updates, but those […]

Exploring the Benefits of Asynchronous Programming in Java 8

Asynchronous programming refers to the occurrence of events that are independent of the main program flow and ways to deal with such events. In this article we are going to look into new ways of processing data asynchronously using CompletableFuture class. CompletableFuture implements Future and CompletionStage classes. public class CompletableFuture<T> extends Object implements Future<T>, CompletionStage<T> […]