Cloud Architecture Design: Key Principles to Follow

Hey there! Let’s take a look at this blog post about designing cloud-native applications. But before that, a word of caution – designing cloud-native apps ain’t the same as designing on-premises ones. So, whether you’re using Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Computing, or any other cloud service, the design principles for architecting cloud […]

Revolutionizing Banking with Serverless at Scale

So, I was curious about how banks design and secure their applications, and stumbled upon a talk from HSBC on how they built their serverless architecture at scale. Check out the architecture: Now, let’s talk about the key design decisions: Small CIDR and large CIDR blocks are in two different VPCs. If we used just […]

Strengthening Your AWS Security: Centralized Architecture for Multiple Accounts

If you’re looking to centralize security for multiple AWS accounts, then look no further than Megallan Health’s architecture. Sure, there are a few areas that could be improved, but it’s still a great starting point. This architecture was featured on the "This is My Architecture" series from AWS. Check out the following design: Now, let’s […]

Achieving Greater Visibility and Control: Centralized Logging on AWS Multi-Account

Alright, let’s give this text a quick polish and sprinkle some sass on it! If you’re like me and you’re obsessed with cloud-based architectures, then you’ve gotta check out the "This is My Architecture" series from AWS. Every week, they feature a new design that’ll make your head spin with excitement. Today, we’re gonna talk […]