Achieving Greater Visibility and Control: Centralized Logging on AWS Multi-Account

Alright, let’s give this text a quick polish and sprinkle some sass on it! If you’re like me and you’re obsessed with cloud-based architectures, then you’ve gotta check out the "This is My Architecture" series from AWS. Every week, they feature a new design that’ll make your head spin with excitement. Today, we’re gonna talk […]

AWS’ Well-Architected Framework: Your Blueprint for Cloud Success

Operational Excellence: ability to run and monitor systems to deliver business value. Design Principles: + Perform operations as code. + Annotate documentation. + Make frequent, small, reversible changes. + Refine operations procedures frequently. + Learn from all operational failures. Best Practices: Key AWS Services + Prepare: Use AWS Config rules to create standards for workloads. […]

The Bulkhead Pattern: Your Key to Resilient, Fault-Tolerant Systems

Alrighty, let me give this text a once-over and spruce it up a bit. Microservices can be quite the diva, consuming distributed resources and throwing tantrums when they don’t get their way. Unfortunately, when one of them acts up, it can impact other services as well. Kinda like that one friend who ruins the whole […]

AWS Disaster Recovery: Building Resilience for Your Business

Any kind of failure can negatively impact a business value and when designing an application we need to proactively design for events like that. The preparation of recovering from a failure is Disaster Recovery(DR). In this blog, we’re going to list down the disaster recovery recommendations provided by AWS. We’re going to keep the subject […]

Demystifying the Akka Actor Model

What’s an actor model? The actor model in computer science is a mathematical model of concurrent computation that treats "actors" as the universal primitives of concurrent computation. In response to a message that it receives, an actor can: make local decisions, create more actors, send more messages, and determine how to respond to the next […]