Data Wrangling Made Easy: Leveraging Apache Spark to Transform Raw Data into Valuable Insights

Hey, so I’m a big fan of Apache Spark and I’ve been using it for all of my independent projects. I recently had this idea to create a project that would showcase how to do some data wrangling with Apache Spark. For this project, we used Apache Spark 2.0.2 on Databricks cloud. Instead of using […]

Empowering R Programmers: Exploring the Capabilities of SparkR with RStudio

Let’s talk about SparkR! It’s an R package that provides a lightweight frontend to use Apache Spark from R. I used RStudio and Spark 1.6.1 for this exercise. SparkR has a distributed data frame implementation that supports operations like selection, filtering, and more. Cool, right? In RStudio, run the following code to check the system […]