Streamlining Your Scala Development: A Guide to Creating SBT Projects in Eclipse

Hey there, I’m currently knee-deep in a Scala course on Coursera called "Functional Programming in Scala" taught by none other than Martin Ordersky – the inventor of Scala. Let me tell you, creating a Scala ecosystem is no walk in the park. Recently, I hit a roadblock while trying to create an Eclipse project using […]

MIT’s Kaggle Competition Sees Fierce Competition Among Enrolled Students, with Overfitting a Concern for Some Top Contenders

It’s an absolute thrill to be in the top 1% of the Kaggle competition hosted by MIT! This contest is no joke, with some seriously experienced ML implementers throwing their hats into the ring. And let me tell you, the top 3 are on a whole other level – they’ve achieved over 90% accuracy, which […]

Revolutionizing Baseball Strategy: Validating Moneyball Predictions through Machine Learning Models

After diving into regression analysis, I couldn’t wait to test my newfound skills on some real-world data. Luckily, Kaggle has just the thing – they’re hosting a competition called ‘History of Baseball’ and, even better, they’ve provided a dataset for it! I had a blast analyzing Paul dePodesta’s predictions and statistical findings, using linear regression […]

Mastering Statistics Fundamentals: Key to Success for Machine Learning Engineers and Data Scientists

A year ago, I stumbled upon a link in /r/dataisbeautiful on Reddit. I can’t recall the exact topic of the article, but it was from a site called 538. Being an avid reader, I started exploring other posts on the site and was pretty much blown away by the analyses. The data analysis fascinated me, […]