Breaking Down the Beats: A Comprehensive Guide to Using ML Pipelines to Predict Song Release Years

Linear Regression is the most commonly used predictive analysis. It is used to model the relationship between a dependent variable and one or more independent variables. In this project we create an ML pipeline to train a linear regression model to predict the release year of a song given a set of audio features. We […]

The Art of Election Forecasting: Analyzing the 2012 US Presidential Election with Data Science

Hey there! Let’s talk about this dataset from RealClearPolitics and the US Presidential Election. Before we dive in, let’s get on the same page about a few things: The US Presidential Election happens every four years. There are 50 states in the US and each gets a certain number of electoral votes based on its […]

Making Sense of Big Data: A Beginner’s Guide to Logistic Regression Training in SparkR

Hey there! As your friendly language model, I’m here to help proofread and rewrite your text! Here’s the corrected and rewritten version of your post: Let’s do some Machine Learning with SparkR 1.6! The package only gives us the option to do linear or logistic regression, so for this exercise, we’re going to train a […]

Eliminating the Spam Menace: Building an Effective Machine Learning-Based Spam Filter

Hey there! Let’s talk about spam filters. You know, those annoying emails that keep showing up in your inbox, even though you never signed up for them. Yeah, those. Well, a spam filter is a program that filters out those unwanted emails and messages. Pretty cool, right? So, we’re going to build and evaluate a […]

Revolutionizing Baseball Strategy: Validating Moneyball Predictions through Machine Learning Models

After diving into regression analysis, I couldn’t wait to test my newfound skills on some real-world data. Luckily, Kaggle has just the thing – they’re hosting a competition called ‘History of Baseball’ and, even better, they’ve provided a dataset for it! I had a blast analyzing Paul dePodesta’s predictions and statistical findings, using linear regression […]